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Electronic memory components contain vital information that could damage a company’s reputation and business, which is why The FTK Group offers their clients peace of mind through their IT and Computer Recycling Services.

The FTK Group ensures that businesses’ information will remain confidential by guaranteeing that all information will be destroyed through wiping or electronics shredding.

In addition, all IT equipment and computers are asset tracked through the recycling process and through the downstream vendors, providing clients with a chain of custody for their IT assets. Clients can be provided with a certificate of destruction or a certificate of recycle upon request.


The FTK Group offers a variety of services for the handling of computer assets tailored to fit each organizations specific needs. The FTK Group will remove the hard drive and destroy the information through one of three hard drive destruction techniques: wiping, shredding, or crushing. Once the data is secured, client’s computers will enter into one of two recycling options: destruction or refurbishment.

  • For Maximum security benefits The FTK Group can dismantle and shred each of the components into unrecognizable pieces. All resulting materials are 100% recycled.

Man repairing laptop computer

Technician Repairing a Broken Laptop

  • For maximum environmental benefits, The FTK Group refurbishing department can repair damaged computers, so that they may be reused. All data is removed and destroyed from the computer prior to the refurbishment process.

The FTK Group facility is capable of handling all types of computers including desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets. Whether a computer is broken or outdated, FTK Group has a plan to handle it in the most responsible manner.


A computer server

Gaining access to a server’s database is the ultimate goal for anyone looking to gain access to valuable business information. Improperly disposing of these assets leaves organizations vulnerable to critical data breaches resulting in costly fines and law suits.

The FTK Group mitigates these risks by providing businesses with a secure environmentally friendly data destruction service. The FTK Group provides its clients with a wide variety of hard drive destruction services, including; Wiping, Shredding, and Crushing. See the Hard Drive Destruction Page for full details.


Cell Phones

Cellphones, flash drives, and PDAs are becoming a major threat to companies data security, because of the wealth of information that they can contain. Unlike servers and computers whose contents are closely guarded, retired or broken cellphones, PDAs, or flash drives are often overlooked leaving their valuable information at risk.

The FTK Group corrects this lapse in security by taking these discarded or unwanted items and recycling them to ensure the complete destruction of all information. Shredding provides organizations with the peace of mind to know that the information stored on these items is safely destroyed.


Many businesses are unaware that their office copiers contain a hard drive that records all the information that is processed through them. The purchasing of a used copier can provide a simple way to gain access to a previous owners confidential information.

At FTK Group all hard drives are removed and destroyed in a way that guarantees that the information can never be recovered. The remaining copier materials are sent to be dismantled and 100% recycled, leaving organizations safe from data breaches and environmental cleanups.



A variety of pricing options are available to meet the individual requirements of each client.

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