Services Overview: Electronic Recycling

Utilizing our state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, FTK Group has developed unique processes to ensure the secure destruction and 100% recycling of computers, electronics and paper documents.

Working in conjunction with federal agencies and engineering teams from the University of Maryland, FTK Group has designed, developed and implemented shredding, separation and recycling processes that are among the most secure, efficient and compliant in the industry.



a box of electronics for recycling

FTK Group utilizes a completely unique process for electronics recycling, which allows them to maximize the amount of material recovered from every item.

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Broken Laptop

Electronic memory components contain vital information that could damage a company’s reputation and business, which is why FTK Group offers their clients peace of mind through their IT and Computer recycling services.

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a hard drive after it has been shredded

Businesses hard drives are full of sensitive information that can damage the company’s image and reputation. FTK Group ensures that will never happen through their hard drive destruction services

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A bar code being scanned

FTK Group provides its clients with a turnkey solution for all types of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programs across the nation.

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a box of shredded paper

FTK Group provides corporations with a paper shredding service tailored to fit their exact security needs.

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