Hard Drive Destruction

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Why Hard Drive Destruction is Important:

Businesses hard drives are full of sensitive information that can damage the company’s image, reputation, and result in costly lawsuits if they end up in the wrong hands. It is of the utmost importance that you take necessary data security measures to protect that information.

The FTK Group provides corporations with a safe and secure solution to handling and managing businesses information. We provide a variety of hard drive destruction solutions to fit your exact security needs.

The FTK Group employees will travel to your place of business to pick up and securely transport loose hard drives or electronics with hard drives in them to their secure facility for processing. If you care for additional security, arrangements can be made for organization representatives to drop items off for destruction at our facility, or witness the destruction first hand.

The FTK Group Hard Drive Destructions Services meets the information security requirements for HIPPA, GBLA, SOX, FACTA, CERCLA, and RCRA.


Stack of hard drives being sent for wiping

The FTK Group provides clients with Hard Drive Wiping Services that are compliant with the requirements set forth in the NIST 800-88 Guideline for Media Sanitation. Using a drive wiping process, the hard drive is secured and then verified for completion. Hard Drives that pass the wiping process will be sent for reuse, while hard drives that fail are sent directly through The FTK Group proprietary shredding and recycling process.


Shredded Hard Dive

Photo of a Shredded Hard Drive

Enhance the security for your old hard drives destruction by utilizing The FTK Group Hard Drive Shredding Services. FTK technicians will remove the hard drives from your electronics and will send them to the electronics shredder for destruction. Hard drives will be shredded into pieces no larger than 1.5” and all resulting electronic waste will be sent for electronics recycling.

FTK Groups offers witnessed destruction as an additional service for hard drive shredding.


Photo of Crushed Hard Drives

Photo of Crushed Hard Drives

For maximum security measures take advantage of FTK Group Onsite Hard Drive Shredding. Using a mobile hydraulic shredder, FTK Group is able to completely destroy your hard drives on-site before they ever leave your facility.

Technicians will travel to your facility to remove the hard drives on site and destroy them in your presence. The shredding service destroys the hard drive using a mechanical process making it virtually impossible to recover any data. After the hard drives are destroyed, all materials are securely transported in locked vehicle to the FTK Group facility for recycling.



A variety of pricing options are available to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

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