Bale of shredded paper

Bale of shredded paper after it passes through FTK Groups' plant based shredder

FTK Group provides corporations with a paper shredding service tailored to fit their exact security needs. Utilizing a state of the art industrial paper shredder, FTK Group is capable of shredding and destroying all types of paper products, keeping your company’s information safe and secure.

FTK Group paper shredding system meets the information security requirements for HIPPA, GBLA, SOX, FACTA, CERCLA, and RCRA.

FTK Group can destroy:


  • Paper documents

  • Medical information

  • Personal information

  • Financial information



  • Mail

  • Books and magazines

  • Colored paper

  • White paper






  • Mixed paper loads

  • Folders





Information Security
Since information security is a top priority for FTK Group and its customers, paper shredding services are completed with every precaution to ensure that clients’ information remains safe and secure throughout the entire process.

Secure Collection
FTK Group employees place lockable collection containers throughout your facility, available in a variety of styles to meet your corporation’s specific needs. When your containers are full, FTK Group employees collect and transport the sensitive information from your place of operation to FTK Group secure recycling facility via a GPS tracked fleet of trucks.
Processing Security
Utilizing their partners unique paper shredding system, The FTK Group partners destroys documents in a way that guarantees that the information can never be recovered. Their paper shredding system exceeds the destruction requirements set forth in the NAID Certification for information destruction. After the materials are processed the shredded materials are 100% recycled.

Why is shred size important?
Many companies try to protect themselves by using strip- and cross-cut shredding equipment to destroy sensitive documents. However, this becomes problematic when destroying abnormal size items, such as; folded statements, checks, mail, or files.

FTK Group paper shredding service grinds clients’ sensitive data, making it impossible for the materials to ever be reassembled.
All clients receive a Certificate of Destruction for their records.


A variety of pricing options are available to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

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Have Data on Other Mediums?
FTK Group offers a variety of other shredding and destruction services, including; electronics recycling and destruction, media destruction, hard drive wiping, and hard drive shredding services. Let FTK Group keep all of your businesses information safe.

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