Electronics Recycling Process

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The FTK Group electronics recycling process is far from an easy task to explain. They custom tailor every program for each individual client, so that no two are alike. Their programs can vary from the total destruction of an item, to the complete refurbishment and reuse of the item. At FTK Group they create every program with one purpose in mind: keep the client happy and their business safe.

Listed below is a sample of one of their many electronics recycling processes. To learn more about setting up your own program contact an FTK Group sales representative here.


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1. Collection

The FTK Group sends trained employees to collect and securely transport materials from the clients place of business to FTK Group secure processing facility.

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2. Receiving/Tracking

Once items are received, FTK Group uses a bar-coding system to track materials from arrival to destruction.

Electronics inside of a shredder

3. Processing

Upon receipt, materials are designated for one of several separate processes which include: reuse, repurposing, refurbishing, or secure shredding for the purpose of recycling.

Boxes of shredded materials

4. Recycling

Any materials designated for reuse, repurposing or refurbishing are separated, processed, warehoused and shipped according to their assigned destinations. All end-of-life and information-secure items are shredded into pieces no larger than 1.5" using FTK Group state-of-the-art destruction system. The resulting materials include steel, glass, plastic and precious metals that are then separated into processing bins for recycling. Nothing from FTK Group processes ever enters the nation's waste stream.

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5. Documentation

The FTK Group issues a Certificate of Destruction or Recycle for your records.