E-Structors Visited by The Chief Council for Advocacy

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3/27/2012 – E-Structors, Inc. received a visit from the Chief Council for Advocacy of the US Small Business Administration (SBA) this past Monday. Dr. Winslow Sargeant came to the facility to learn about the successes that E-Structors, Inc. has had since their founding in 2003.

Dr. Winslow Sargeant is the Chief Council for Advocacy at the US Small Business Administration. He was appointed to the position by President Obama in August of 2010. He and the Office of Advocacy act as an independent voice in Washington, who support and defend small businesses across the United States. They work in Washington with the government’s agencies and legislative processes to protect small businesses interests.

While at the facility Dr. Sargeant and 2 other representatives from the SBA sat down with E-Structors, Inc. CEO and Co-Founder Julie Keough and President and Co-Founder Mike Keough. They discussed the business’ history, the challenges that they had overcome in the past, and the things that are impacting their business now. The conversation reflected greatly upon the journey that the co-founders and company have had to make it to where they are today.

Afterword’s the group was lead on a guided tour of the facility where Dr. Winslow was able to see the electronics recycling process first hand. While on the tour the group talked about the electronics recycling process and the many steps that are involved. Dr. Sargeant was also interested in learning more about the issues and challenges that the Keough’s have had to overcome and what their future plans for the company were.

This type of tour is not the first for the Keough’s. They have previously taken other interested political members through their facility to learn more about the electronics recycling issues.


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See more tour photos in our Facebook Album!